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by Penny LeClair on December 11, 2016

Ways to Use Stress Away Essential Oil Blend


Young Living’s Stress Away essential oil blend is a solution created from natural elements that combine stress-reducing and relaxing properties.  With vanilla and lime as central components, Stress Away also features copiaba and lavender, which are known to reduce mental rigidity.

Using Stress Away regularly can lead to a more balanced mentality, restoring your equilibrium and creating a calming effect.

1. Mood Lifting Drinks – Add a few drops of Stress Away to your water while working for a calming affect on nervous tension.

2. Headache relief – Use the roll-on applicator to roll Stress Away on the back of your wrists, forehead and/or temples.  It can relieve the tired, achiness stress creates in all of your muscles.

3. Reed Diffuser Replacement Oil – You can easily make your own replacement oil for a reed diffuser.  All you need is some Stress Away oil, distilled water and a bit of rubbing alcohol.

 4. Unwind aromatically – Diffuse a few drops of Stress Away combined with a few drops of Peppermint to unwind and uplift after a stressful day.

5. Bath Salt Soak –   Pour in warm bath and soak for 20 minutes to relieve stress.

6. Promote better sleep – Put 8 drops of Stress Away with 4 drops of lavender in a diffuser.  Use in your bedroom in the evening to promote healthy, more restful sleep.

7. Sugar Scrub – Make this Vanilla Lime Sugar Scrub and scrub your stress and worries away in the shower or bath!

8. Calming Cologne – Rub a few drops into your wrists to induce more confident feelings throughout the day.  Plus, it will smell great!

9. Topical application – Rub a drop of Stress Away onto your temples and to the back of your neck to ease tension.  Your muscles will feel more relaxed.

10. Teeth Grinding Remedy – Dilute 1-2 drops with coconut or olive oil and rub along your jawline.  Your jaw will relax leading to less clenching and grinding.

11. Car Freshener (and relaxer!) – Put a few drops of Stress Away on cotton balls and place them in the slats of your car vents.  Turn on the fan to diffuse the freshener throughout the car so everyone riding or driving can benefit!

12. Sore neck relief – Roll on Stress Away when you have neck pain – just a quick swipe across the back of your neck.  The tension will ease, relieving the stiffness and soreness

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13. Foot cramp relief – Rub just a few drops of Stress Away over the top and bottom of your foot to relax the tension in your cramping muscles.  Once relaxed, the pain will subside.

14. Stress Relief Spritz – Mix up some Stress Away with peppermint and distilled water.  Put it in a glass spray bottle and spritz it on when you feel anxious or stressed out.

15. Sleep-Spray – Combine oils that you and your kids find relaxing and spray them on pillows for bedtime or nap time!  Stress Away is a great idea for this; combined with lavender it’ll calm kids right down and have them snoozing worry-free.

16. Homemade Stress Reducing Deodorant – Use Stress Away when making your own deodorant.  It’s all natural and the lime and vanilla in Stress Away smells amazing.  Plus, you’ll have the calming effects of stress away with you all day long!

17. Back pain relief – Use the roller application on your lower or upper back, wherever you have knots and tension.  Stress Away oil will relax your muscles and help ease pain.

18. Stress-Away Fidget Balls – If your kids have trouble focusing and are wound up with nervous energy, try this helpful DIY using Stress Away oil.

19. PMS relief – You can apply Stress Away to your wrists and temples daily, or you can use it just when needed.  It’ll soothe symptoms of PMS and can even reduce related headaches and cramps.

20. Refreshing Fruit Salad – Slice up some fruit and create a splash of “dressing” for the salad with some white wine and Stress Away!  It’s delicious, but even better?  It’ll restore some much needed equilibrium and mental balance.

21. Whipped Body Butter – Use Stress Away and other favorite essential oils in this recipe for whipped body butter.  It’ll replace your daily moisturizer and keep your body hydrated while you soak in the benefits of reduced anxiousness, nervousness and tension.

22. Bath Salts – Create your own bath salts with Stress Away!  You’ll have a spa-like soak, and your mood will be lifted.

23.  Mood Lifting Room Spray – Create an aromatic room spray that smells delicious and causes happiness!  Just mix epsom salts, distilled water and Stress Away and spray around your home for a mood enhancing, stress-relieving, feel-good air freshener.

24. Stressed pet help – If you’re traveling with pets, you know they can become fearful, anxious and stressed out.  Calm your pets while driving to the vet, flying to vacation, or simply when they’re anxious at home.  Dilute in a carrier oil and apply one drop onto the front paws.  Or place several drops onto a scrap of cotton fabric and keep it in their pet carrier or kennel.


Forgiveness and Release

by Penny LeClair on December 6, 2016

Poison to Spirit, Soul and Body!

Did you know that unforgiveness is poison to your Spirit, soul and body? Unforgiveness is the single most popular poison that the enemy uses against God’s people, and it is one of the deadliest poisons a person can eat and drink spiritually. It causes everything from mental depression, anxiety, to physical health problems.

Unforgiveness hinders healing and your ability to receive anything from God. You see, when we do not forgive, we shut off the flow of God’s grace from our lives. As a result, spiritual, emotional, and even physical diseases are given permission to operate in us. Unforgiveness hinders physical, emotional, and inner healing from God’s love and mercy.

When we are separated from these graces, we are handed over to torturers (Mt 18:34). These torturers are not people, but worse. They are such experiences as fear, depression, frustration, anxiety, self-hatred, and loneliness. As these and other torturers work us over, we deteriorate to a level of existence which is characterized by fruitless, compulsive, escapist activities, like drugs, alcohol, overeating and eating unhealthy, over spending.

Proverbs 18:14 “The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear?” When we have a wounded spirit we cannot function in the blessing of God because we are in a negative state that causes the chemicals in our body to function in a high acid state.The peptide and hormonal chemical “messengers “are distorted in every system of the body. The blood flow to your heart is constricted. Your digestion is impaired. It reduces the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Causing DNA damage to our healthy cells.

Antidote For The Poison Of Unforgiveness

Young Living Forgiveness Essential Oil Blend enhances the ability to release hurtful memories and move beyond emotional barriers. The process of growth can only proceed when we have the ability to forgive and let go of negative forgivenessemotions.

Ingredients: 15 amazing oils, Frankincense, Sandalwood, Lavender, Melissa, Angelica, Helichrysum, Rose, Rosewood, Geranium, Lemon, Palmarosa, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Roman Chamomile, and Jasmine

Steps to Forgiveness

First, realize that forgiveness comes in layers. You may feel forgiving towards your offender one day and then something comes up and brings it all back. You will need to do the below steps daily until you feel no anger or resentment towards the offender, and if it comes back to mind periodically re do the steps.

Second, rely on God. Cry out, “Lord, I can’t do this without you, if you don’t help me, I will keep drinking this poison, I rely on Your grace, strength and love to help me forgive, name the person.

Third, choose to pray for the person who hurt you. Start simple, by my own personal experience praying for someone who hurt me was very hard. I would pray that God would soften the person’s heart and bless them. It wasn’t easy at first it would actually make me angry, but as I prayed this prayer daily, it became easier and easier and the prayers became more detailed and I actually looked forward to praying for the offender. God’s supernatural power starts to work through you helping you to forgive.

Fourth, you will need to forgive yourself, sometimes in the midst of being hurt by the offender, we hurt others and/or ourselves. Unforgiveness towards self is just as destructive as unforgiveness to others.

Fifth, through praying for the offender and forgiving yourself, you will find your heart will become softened and healing starts to take place within your spirit, your soul and your body! You will start to feel and be healthy again.

I would anoint myself with forgiveness essential oil daily around my heart and confess out loud I CHOOSE to forgive ______ and then I would pray for the offender.

Then anoint yourself with Release oil and let it all go!

Release™ is a blend with a relaxing aroma that facilitates the ability to let go of anger and frustration. It also promotes harmony and balance when releas3diffused.

How to Use

Diffuse, inhale directly, or apply topically.


Ylang ylang†, Olive oil, Lavandin†, Geranium†, Royal Hawaiian™ sandalwood†, Grapefruit†, Tangerine†, Spearmint†, Lemon†, Blue cypress†, Davana†, Kaffir lime†, Ocotea†, Jasmine*, Matricaria†, Blue tansy†, and Rose†

†100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil

*100% pure absolute


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