I Dare You!

by Penny LeClair on November 29, 2012

I Dare You!

Penny LeClair



For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him wouldn’t perish, but would have eternal life ~John 3:16

Praise God that we have a savior in a time when WE ALL need saving! There is so much going on in this world, we are in a time of chaos and confusion. We are in a time of uncertainties financially and I am hearing everyday of more and more people getting sick, and not just colds, but viruses that are taking longer and longer to eliminate, and cancer that is rampant and destroying peoples lives.

People have come to rely on the world system for their provision in their health, their emotions, their relationships, their addictions and their finances. But they are not finding results, they are paying, seeking and desperate, seeing little results without completely being delivered. Reminds me of the women with the issue of blood from the Bible passage Luke 8:43-48 43 Now a woman, having a flow of blood for twelve years, who had spent all her livelihood on physicians and could not be healed by any…  sounds like many today, spending all their livelihood on physicians, therapists, physics and lottery tickets looking for deliverance.

The problem is we have submitted to the world's system with world kind of answers. But God's system with God kind of results, works differently… Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7.   The first step is to submit to God, what does that mean submit to God? The dictionary defines submit as to yield or surrender (oneself) to the will or authority of another.   Boy I don't know about you but submitting or surrendering to God was really hard for  me. I had a big ego and thought I knew better and could do better than God ever could, I mean I was all that and knew it all.

The second part of this scripture says, that we are to resist the devil, what does that mean? Anything that we are in agreement with that is against what God's Word says is to true, makes us in agreement with the devil.  So in order to resist the devil, we need to know what God's Word says is true. We cant just pick and choose parts of the Bible, we need to know all the Bible says and come into agreement with it.

Example, if you are sick and have come into agreement with it you are in agreement with the devil and have opened the door for him to operate in your health, but God's Word says, by His stripes you WERE healed, no matter what the symptoms are you need to submit to God, and agree with his word, we resist the devil and the third part of that verse says, he will flee from you. The devil and the sickness has to flee.

We don't like to surrender do we? I was so pigheaded and refused to submit, I wanted to control everything, and thought I knew better, but God in his love for me, never gave up on me. I finally came to the end of myself, and let me ego go and when I see it try to creep back in I surrender once again, its a continual process that I have a feeling will be something I will have to keep in check until the Lord comes to get me! 😉

Letting our ego control our life will lead to stress which will eventually cause sickness, disease, relational problems, even financial issues.  Praise God that we have the TRUTH of the Word of God to show us the way to deliverance. The government cant save us, no man can save us! Only God almighty can save us and has the perfect plan for each one of us who will surrender, So, I dare you to take all your sadness, depression, anxiety, sickness, disease, addictions, anger, unforgiveness and poverty and place it at His feet and give it up, stop trying to do it all, stop trying to save yourself, stop stop stop lay your EGO down! SURRENDER to God, resist the devil and watch him flee!




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